Targets used for Archery

Archery is the skill of shooting arrows from a bow at a target. The individual scores are counted in the game and the archer with the highest total is declared the winner of the competition. There are two types of archeries the Target Archery and the Field Archery. This entails shooting at one target from different distances.

The Field archery is different from the Target Archery. It involves moving around a track, shooting at different sized targets from the distance that is unknown. If you want to learn about Archery Target, browse the website for more information. It is interesting knowing about the archery target.

Bows are used to achieve the target in the archery. These bows are made of materials like fiberglass, carbon and they have a sight and stabilizers. The stabilizers are connected to the bow to help keep it stable while shooting. Generally, bows are used in the field archery. Arrows hold a pointed metal tilt at the front and a furrow at the back, which makes hole over the bowstring. The targets or butts are made of straw wires that are connected together. Canvas targets or the colored papers are joined to the targets.

To meet the archery target, a competitor has to shoot at the goal from diverse distances. There are two types of archery targets Out Door archery and In Door archery. The diameters of the standard faces in the out door archery are approximately 122 cm and 80 cm. the 122 cm face is collected of a loop in the center of 24.4 cm diameter, which is circled by four concentric bands.

The 80 cm face is composed of a round in the center of 16 cm diameter and it is also circled by four concentric bands. The width of each circle is around eight cm. Both the target faces are colored from the middle outwards in gold, red, blue, black and white.

The center of the gold is known as the pinhole, it should be marked with a tiny cross, and its lines should not surpass 2 mm in width.

The archery targets should be set up at one end of the ground. These targets should be appropriate at an angle of around 15 degrees and there should be pinholes 130 cm + 5 cm above the land. The altitude of the pinhole on a line of faces should be straight while looking at any time. All the archery targets should be visibly numbered and the shooting line should be exact, because over this line the archers will take up the shooting position.

The shooting marks including discs and flat markers should be placed opposite the targets at the proper distances. These shooting marks are used to consider the number of the target. A waiting line should be painted five yards behind the shooting line.

The area on the ground where the people have right to enter should be roped off to point out that people are not allowed to pass the border. This will help the shooter to achieve his archery target and he will not get disturbed.

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