Hoyt Archery

Archery is a game that involves the shooting of arrows that are released from the bow and shot at a target. The closer you shoot the arrow to the targets, the more your score will be. The scored targets of each player are added and the person with the highest addition is declared as the winner.

This game is categorized into to types i.e. field and target. The player shoots the arrow from various distances at one target in target archery and in field archery the players are allowed to move around in the course and shoots at the targets of various sizes from various distances.

The bows that are used in the later type of this game have a traditional look. Hoyt Archery is the pioneer in the manufacturing of archery products. This company manufactures and supplies bows, arrows and other shooting accessories that are needed by the archers.

The Hoyt Trykon of Hoyt Archery are designed to provide smooth and faster delivery. These bows are featured with the latest technologies like TEC riser and Zephyr Cam that provide stability and strength to the game.

These are mostly used by the ace shooters and are also used for hunting purposes. The dimensions of this product are Axle To Axle: 33″, Reflex Geometry: 1 3/4″, Brace Height: 7″, Draw Weight (Hunting): 40-80#, Draw Weight (Target): 40-80# and Limbs: XT500 Cam: Zepher Cam & 1/2 IBO Speed 316fp.

The Hoyt Trykon XL, a product by Hoyt Archery, is designed using the latest technology fro a smother delivery of the shots. The striking features of this product is that they are low on noise, reduce the vibrations thus causing an increase in the speed.

The dimensions of this product are Axle To Axle: 36″ Reflex Geometry: 1 3/4″ Brace Height: 7.5″, Draw Weight (Hunting): 40-80# , Draw Weight (Target): 40-80# , Draw Length: 26″-32″ and Limbs: XT500 Cam: Zepher Cam & 1/2 IBO Speed 314fps.

The Hoyt VTEC is a product of Hoyt Archery and are designed for professional hunters. The Advanced TEC riser technology adds strength and stability and reduces the vibrations thus letting you play an accurate game. The pro-fit custom grip gives a strong grip that is needed during the game.

The dimensions of this product are Axle To Axle: 35 1/2″ Reflex Geometry: 1 1/4″, Brace Height: 7″, Draw Weight (Hunting): 40-80# Draw Weight (Target): 30-80#, Mass Weight: 4 LB and Limbs: XT1000, Cam: Cam & 1/2 IBO Speed 305fps.

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